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A2Z stands for “begging to end”, from “0 to 99”, from “first to last” anything, any vehicle, any model, any country make or any problem A2Z Garage will provide the solutions because our slogan is “Where the solutions are born”   

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About Us

Mr. Deepak Sood and Late MR. Arvind Dogra is the Founder A2Z Garage. Mr. Deepak sood Mr. Arvind dogra Mrs. Neelam sood was childhood friends and after that Mrs. Neelam sood merried Mr. Deepak sood and become a proprietor and chairman of A2Z Garage. Unfortunately Arvind Dogra is no more with us, he was the Chief Executive Officer of A2Z Garage. Deepak Sood is in charge of the entire management and organization of the company.  Prior to starting the company in 2019,Mr. Sood enjoyed a successful 18-year career in Computer Systems, Networking, Programming and Designing with Hewlett Packard & IBM. He holds the various Diplomas in Computer Hardware, Networking, and Programing Management from CEDTI under DOEACC “O- Leavel” from Chandigarh. He also earned Microsoft certified professional  certificate and lots of training certificates like all type of weldings, car modifications, and customization from Malaysia

Mr. Deepak sood was computer system information manager in Nevico Engineering in Singapore and from the same company he switched his life from computers to mechanical field.

Mrs. Neelam sood is Ayurvedic panchakarma technician and naturopathist she joined A2z Garage in 2019 as Chairman. She has a good experience in natruopathi 

We are a forward thinking business vehicle solution provider, committed to customer satisfaction through building mutually beneficial relationships. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality services delivered in the most efficient manner at the lowest possible price. This commitment added to our fleet of late model vehicles and a well equipped repair and maintenance workshop provide our customers. A2z Garage does not sell one service; it sells processes of vehicle management, which integrate into the complex values and systems of your company or household. We want to be your choice for routine maintenance and quality repairs at fair prices. Even if you’ve recently purchased a new vehicle, you can bring your car to A2z Garage instead of your dealership. We will perform the same high-quality repairs with the same parts but for far less. Our complementary pick and drop service also assures business goes on as usual while we attend to your vehicle. Our dedicated and professional team will exceed your expectations

Our Services

In A2Z Garage , We do Denting & Painting | Repair & Spares | Foam Washing | 3D Alignment | Modification | Customisation.  For More Details Contact Us.

Denting & Painting

The Denting process removes visible deformities on the exterior body of the car. In case of accidents, collision of vehicle denting and painting of the parts are preferred as it helps save the additional cost of the new part used. The work also is carried out in such a manner that the part looks as good as new

Repair & Spares

A spare part, spare, service part, repair part, or replacement part, is an interchangeable part that is kept in an inventory and used for the repair or replacement of failed units

Foam Washing

Foam is bunch of tiny bubbles created by foaming agents. ... The true purpose of foam is to provide contact time on a soiled surface to allow the wetting agents, detergents and degreasers enough time to do their jobs.

3D Alignment

3D wheel alignment allows our mechanics to perform the most precise wheel alignment on all types of cars. This is done by using 2 cameras to perform measurements for each wheel while integrated reference system with camber and inclination pendulums in each sensor head.


A custom car is a passenger vehicle that has been either substantially altered to improve its performance, often by altering or replacing the engine and transmission; made into a personal "styling"


Customizing a car is a way of making the car more unique to the individual that owns it. Many compare car modifications to creating a painting, where you are given a blank canvas and cover the canvas with whatever your mind desires. When looking into car modification a lot of people tend to not know where to start

A2z Garage Roadside Assistance Program provides access to the following services:

  • Assistance at the roadside, at the office or at home.
  • Nationwide accident or breakdown recovery.
  • Car rental facility while we attend to your car

Our Works

Denting & Painting
Repair & Spares
Foam Washing
3D Alignment

A2Z Constructions

Our Works

Roofing & Underoofing
Flooring Aluminium Work
Electrical Work
Wooden Work
Paint Work

Why Choose Us

Wondering what makes us different from the rest of the auto repair service providers? The certified mechanics at Affordable Mobile Auto Repair can help repair your vehicle wherever it may be in North County.

Our staff provides auto repair services for foreign and domestic vehicles. We make it a point to live up to our motto: “Instant Response Time in Most Cases!
Expert Engineers

We have Expert engineers in all respective fields.

Experience Skills

Lot of skills and professionalism in our workers.

Guarantee Service

Satisfaction Work and guarantee with us.

Trusted Work

We work with all your trust.

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Mrs. Neelam Sood (Managing Director & Proprietor)
Mr. Deepak Sood (C.E.O)
Late Mr. Arvind Dogra
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